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Teh IYSO2003 kids [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Mar 2006|12:26am]

hey, does anyone have a list of songs we played? I kinda forgot cuz i lost the music. it would be cool if someone could post that list for me.

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IYSO reunion [13 Jun 2005|08:08am]

I've been trying to keep in touch via our Yahoo! group, but it's slowly starting to bite the dust, I notice. So I'll try this instead. Which weekend works better for all of you for the reunion, August 1/2 (a Sunday-Monday, I know; we come home from vacation late on the 31) or August 6/7 (Saturday/Sunday)? Leave a comment here, and please please please ask other people you know and talk to...or just know and see!! Thank you all so much!!


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BL community [04 Aug 2004|11:12am]

[ mood | cold ]

If you guys haven't been here... go!


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Transportation... [23 Jul 2004|05:03pm]

Ok. We need to organize transportation from BLFAC to Jeff's house! So what we need to do is organize a few carfuls of ppl to drive there from blfac... So, if you think maybe you can, PLEASE tell me right away! I will try to get your names on the invites so I can contact u and tell u who will be in your car. Sound cool? Please let me know 1) if you'll need a ride 2) If you can drive!! Thank you all much!
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Man, I don't know why I don't post here. [20 Jul 2004|12:35am]

I want to be at BL sooo soooo soooooo bad. Ugh. I haven't had a private lesson since February since my teacher, once again, has dropped off the face of the earth. I am getting a new one. Hopefully. I haven't played in a good orchestra since our homecoming concert. And I have NO music to play. I am going insane... and I've never been actually bored to tears before. How late do they allow ppl to register?
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Party [18 Jul 2004|09:07am]

No one really seems to be checking the IYSO yahoo group, and those of us who are reading it are trying desperately to put a party together. So for the benefit of those who aren't reading this, here's the post. Pass it on to anyone else who doesn't have livejournal and you still talk to, please, since I'd really like this to happen! Thanks!

Party ideas...Collapse )
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Hey look, it's a user! [01 Apr 2004|10:02pm]

Guys! Whoever created this community (sam?) YOU ROCK!!! Man, I miss you all SO MUCH.

IYSO 2004 Homecoming Concert August 13. Tell your friends.

And now about that party... Jeff??
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fun from milan... [01 Apr 2004|04:52pm]


Man, I miss doing crazy stuff like that...
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Whoa... [30 Mar 2004|12:43am]

[ mood | energetic ]

Nice work Sam!
How do you upload a pic for the community??
I have the one I wanted to give you for it-

I already cut it down to 100x100 pixels and whatever.
I'll just e-mail it to you...

Someone took it of Jimmy, Carly, Tim, Ashley, Pooter, and my hands
during intensive week.

I <3 it.

Damn people need to start joining this. Hehe :)

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well, well... [29 Mar 2004|08:43am]

[ mood | hehe, i made a community. ]

we have a community!

now, to get the other users...


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