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No one really seems to be checking the IYSO yahoo group, and those of us who are reading it are trying desperately to put a party together. So for the benefit of those who aren't reading this, here's the post. Pass it on to anyone else who doesn't have livejournal and you still talk to, please, since I'd really like this to happen! Thanks!

All righty... there has been all the talk of this party. But, nothing
has happened as of yet! But! We are here to propose a plan for the
real thing!

Homecoming concert: August 13th... for those who want to attend, we
can organize a few car-fulls back to Jeff's.
Party: Afterwards at Jeff's house which is in Huntington Woods in the
metro detroit area, about 2 hours from BLFAC. He has said that anyone
who needs/ wants can shack up at his place.

So! PLEASE reply to this as quick as possible! Everyone! So we know
if this is a 'go' or a 'no'... if it works out, we'll send out proper
invitations in the mail! So REPLY AWAY if we want this to happen!
Thanks so much!
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